Paver Maintenance

Through the years it is not uncommon to experience stains, general dirtiness, weeds and other factors leading to the loss of a paver project’s luster and beauty. Powerful cleaners designed specifically for maintaining and restoring paver and concrete surfaces are available to prepare your paver surface for sealing by SEK Surebond. If you follow a maintenance schedule, you can preserve the beauty of your investment over time.

Sealers offer protection and may intensify the color of the paver surface and add a sheen. The sealers we have found that provide the best support to pavers include the following:

Matte Finish Joint Sand Stabilizer – includes a Joint Sand Stabilizer and comes in finishes ranging from a matte to a satin sheen, depending on the surface

Semi-Gloss Finish Joint Sand Stabilizer – is formulated with Anti Fungal Agents, inhibits mold, fungus and moss growth, will not trap moisture and efflorescence. and comes in finishes ranges from a satin sheen to a semi-gloss, depending on the surface